A recent analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies of Bureau of Labor Statistics data for May 2021 shows that while the official U3 unemployment rate (share of Americans actively looking for work) of both the native-born and immigrants has fallen significantly since the peak of the Covid pandemic, it remains higher than before Covid.

Moreover, the labor force participation rate — the share of working-age (16–64) people with a job or looking for one — remains much lower than in May 2019. According to the findings, both immigrants and native-born Americans without a college degree fared much worse regarding unemployment and labor force participation.

Top Democrats are finalizing the basics of their multi-trillion-dollar partisan reconciliation wishlist while simultaneously attempting to squeeze as many progressive priorities as they can into their filibuster-protected shopping cart.

Concocted by self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, the public is expected to get its first glimpse at the bill as early…


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